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For those of you following me know that I don’t update this very often but I do look at it a lot.

I am always so impressed with the painting of the artists I follow, bravo you are a big part of my motovation.

I have actually been paint heaps lately so I will grab some photos and throw them up here tomorrow.

The painting is about prep for the Warmachine World Team championchips with regards to my cygnar and I have also painted up a heap of Ret for a big prize i am giving away. and i touched my circle a little.

Thanks for sticking with me through my lazy efforts. 

What do you want

  • So for those of you who know me I am very active in the Australian South East QLD from everything running tournaments to building the local community, which I think I have done very successfully.

  • But this leaves me still thinking about what I can do to further the community as a whole.

  • After listening to the Chain Attack new player part 4, and an interesting point arose that is "What do you want?"

  • I know what I want out of the game which is a very competitive atmosphere and clean game play.

  • But what I really want to know what people want out of

  • >> LGS weekly meets

  • >> Tournaments

  • >> community

  • and really anything else you guys want to see??

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